Blockchain Economics & Market
Behind each blockchain project is a set of designs commonly referred to as tokenomics. Tokenomics and understanding of the market is crucial to the success or failure of a project. It is fair to say that cryptos are atomic components of the Web3 world -- each type of tokens has different functions, and they all come together to form a vibrant financial system and digital economy in Web3.
Eocene Research dedicates ourselves to uncovering valuable insights behind the economics of different tokens and projects driven by rigorous research, data analytics and data science. We also pay very close attention to the market and are constantly conducting research and analyses in the aim of bringing to light important market insights and unwrapping odd or complex behaviors.
What We Offer
Go-to-market strategies for crypto projects
designs of economic components or strategies covering the full life cycle of a project
Data-driven research on FT and NFT projects
unique insights driven by on-chain and off-chain data analytics, advanced AI solutions, and extensive research
Crypto market insights
deep dive analyses from the forefront of the market