Blockchain technology has emerged as a powerful tool for decentralizing financial systems and enabling secure transactions without intermediaries. However, its decentralized nature and anonymity have also made it an attractive tool for malicious actors to engage in nefarious activities.
Eocene Research conducted extensive investigations using censorship and anti-censorship analytics technologies, focusing on key areas such as fund tracking, money laundering analysis, NFT wash trading detection, and NFT market manipulation detection. These research efforts have yielded important insights and findings that have benefited a wide range of stakeholders.
Eocene Research aimed to understand how different types of funds operate across various blockchains and how to analyze the traces these funds left behind. The investigation is detecting and tracking laundering activities through out various mixing tools such as Tornado Cash and FixedFloat.
As part of our investigation into NFT trading activities, Eocene Research developed an understanding of the tactics being used to artificially manipulate market, and do censorships on trading activities, market data, and on-chain transactions of various NFT collections.